5 apps to improve your productivity

5 apps to improve your productivity

The use of mobile devices such as smartphones and tablets allow us to work anytime, anywhere. In fact, the current trend points to mobile devices becoming more and more important part of our work be it at home or in the office. With most of us becoming more reliant on mobile devices in performing our tasks, I want to share some popular apps that can make our life easier and improve our productivity.

Launch Center Pro

Launch Center Pro is like a speed dial for mobile devices. The only difference is that instead of making calls, the app lets us automate lengthy tasks into a single command. With Launch Center Pro, I can easily perform any task with just one tap.

Let’s say I frequently use my phone to check my inbox for new messages. Instead of repeatedly navigating to my email app, opening it, then checking the inbox, all I have to do is create a short cut for the series of commands. Then I just tap the shortcut every time I need to check my email and my phone will repeat these steps without me having to go through all the procedure again.

But the app’s functions are not restricted to capturing just sending emails or capturing photos with the phone’s camera. In fact, I can automate almost any activity that I frequently perform with my phone.

  • Always calling a business associate? Create a short cut for that.
  • Need to email files several times a day? Very easy.
  • Have to check my Facebook page? Just one tap.

The list of things that Launch Center Pro can do is only limited by our mastery of our phone. Not surprisingly, I find that I can create a shortcut for everything that I can think of.

Launch Center Pro: $4.99


With collaboration between teams in remote locations now becoming common, the need for efficient ways to communicate is becoming more important. Email and chat have served their purpose, but the dynamic nature of today’s work areas has rendered their use inefficient, if not cumbersome.

Fortunately, Asana has delivered where email and chat has failed. The app makes communicating with remote teams easier by allowing for real time posting of notes, comments, and announcements directly to every team member’s work area.

The biggest benefit in using this app, in my experience, is that it eliminates the need to shoot email back and forth the whole day. Asana lets me and my team members post updates that are instantly available to everybody. No more lengthy procedure like opening email application, filling out the required fields, and sending a one liner just to clarify some minor point.

Even better, the popular app is now working seamlessly with such important productivity tools such as Dropbox, Google Drive, Harvest, Evernote, and others.

Asana: FREE


Keeping track of the time in different places has never been easier. There was a time when I had to fill my desktop with clock applications so that I can keep track of the time in different places. When using mobile devices, I frequently have to check the time equivalent from time servers online. Talk about wasting time!

With synchronize, keeping track of time around the globe has never been easier for me. To date, the app’s database include local time for more than 400 major cities around the world. That’s equivalent to keeping 400 wall clocks on my desktop!

The app helps make scheduling international conferences, personal calls, and other form of on time communication much more convenient. It eliminates guesswork and the need to constantly mentally calculate the time difference between places or check online sources for the right time to make a call.

Businesses have found a lot of use for the way Synchronize shift time in real time.

synchronize: FREE


I love the way Buffer simplifies sharing, tweeting, and doing other social media activities. And considering how powerful social media tools like Facebook and Tweeter have become, having an easy to use social management tool could do a lot of great things toward improving our social media presence.

Social media has never been more powerful than today and the need to make a strong online presence have never been more important for businesses and private individuals alike.

Buffer comes just in time when businesses and even private persons, are swamped with the task of updating their social media presence. With the use of Buffer, it is now easier to Share and Tweet without the need to constantly shift between different apps. Everything is now just one tap away.

Buffer: FREE


Evernote is heaven sent for me and other people who frequently have to take notes during meetings but often forget to bring the requisite paper and pen. With the app, I can easily use my phone or tablet to take “notes”. In this case, the note can be anything – a line of text, web page, pictures, and even audio recordings – easily more than anything a yellow pad and pen can handle.

Just like ordinary note, I can edit, comment on, annotate, and arrange entry into the Evernote. But more importantly, the app lets me tag, sort, and even export my notes easily. It also makes presenting creating and presenting reports a breeze.

The use of mobile apps like these can boost our productivity, save our time, and make our work easier. With smartphones and tablets slowly replacing laptops and computers as the preferred gadgets for businesses, we can leverage our smart choice of productivity tools to do more in less time and even lesser computing power.

Evernote: FREE

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