Searching and Applying for Jobs on Mobile Devices

Searching and Applying for Jobs on Mobile Devices

With the massive proliferation of mobile devices, it is no small wonder why searching and applying for jobs using your mobile phone is still problematic. Is it because few applicants are using their mobile gadgets to look for jobs? Or, is it because it’s the reverse – that only few employers are looking to accept applications from mobile devices?

While it is easy, and even convenient, to blame one or the other, it is important to note that job hunting is a complex process that pits employers against its other in a race to secure the best candidates in a depleted talent. Even with mobile devices making every piece of information within reach, the complex structure has not changed. On the contrary, it has become even more complicated, and to some job hunters, utterly discouraging.

Take for instance this interesting fact: on average, UK customers own five mobile devices (only closely matched by their American counterpart with four). Of those mobile users, more than half (roughly 66% according to research conducted by Indeed) indicated that they are open to using their mobile devices in looking for jobs if the process is simpler.

Again, that’s 65% possible more applicants than what you are getting right now.

That mobile gap is indeed stunning considering that every Fortune 500 company, and countless more mom and pop operations, are doing their best to put all their operations online. And with the massive resources that these companies are allocating to their HR Department, you would have thought that they are doing more to reach out to potential hires.

Sadly, that is not the case. And it’s hard to blame the hiring managers who are doing everything just to find the best candidates for any given job. The challenge lies on the process itself and the underlying technology that drives the unprecedented growth of mobile devices’ use.

Let me highlight a few points to drive the message home:

  • Most recruitment websites were created with computer users as their primary target. These include websites operated by the companies themselves. Though effective five years ago, these sites are now marginalising applicants who spend most of their job hunting time on their mobile gadgets.
  • The lack of a version that is truly dedicated to mobile users prevents mobile job hunters from accessing majority of jobs posted online.
  • Unreliable mobile solutions that make even the most mundane tasks related to applying for jobs such as submitting a CV or attaching files doubly difficult. Again, these solutions are but mere adaptations of existing job portals designed for computer users, and not specifically created to address the needs of the mobile applicants.
  • Physical limitations of mobile devices such as smaller screen and lack of true keyboard. Small size is the inherent characteristics of mobile devices so don’t expect for this problem to go away in the near or even distant future.

While we are not in position to address the technological limitations that restricts the functions of our mobile gadget, as developers and business owners, we can do a lot towards making the mobile job hunting experience more convenient. Adapting a mobile friendly solution allows you to tap into the ever-growing number of mobile jobseekers.

The solution therefore, lies in creating a Taleo career portal that is specifically tailored for mobile users.  To make it work, the site’s design must address the limitations of mobile gadgets, more specifically the tiny screen size. Ideally, the portal should allow prospective applicants to perform job searches, view job descriptions conveniently, submit applications easily, and receive updates about their applications in real time. All of these, if I may stress, should be formatted to fit into your phone’s tiny screen without distorting or omitting any content. Anything less is just glamorised adaptation of existing desktop-based solutions.

To attract more applicants, you must provide jobseekers with a better – and easier – way to find your job posts online. Only then, can you expect to receive more applicants with the right qualifications via your Taleo career section.
Top talents will appreciate the fact that you did the extra work to make the process less burdensome, a nice way to introduce them into the company’s culture.

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