Mobile application development trends for businesses

Mobile application development trends for businesses

It is a known fact that technology is rapidly evolving, and it has shown significant changes in the past years. These changes are much more evident in the mobile phone market. Every year, mobile phone companies launch new innovations and trends that set the standards of the industry, such as mobile application developments that are meant to make accessibility of information much easier for end users.

The high demands for smartphones necessitate programmers and developers to create functional applications that are not only able to serve personal functions, but as well as business functionalities. Because of this, smartphone companies have created a pool of additional applications and developments for their consumers. Here are the development trends we can expect to experience in the months to come.

  • Social networking and file sharing are on the rise. Many different operating systems, such as Android, iOS, Windows Mobile, and Blackberry, support social networking and file sharing functionalities. Experts have predicted that more social networking applications will implement greater deals of file sharing variation. Other than the usual audio, video, and photo sharing over mobile devices and mobile connection, content sharing will be extended to study media, information sharing, and notes sharing as well.
  • Mobile wallet development is gaining ground as well. Mobile payment is one of the many services that have overtaken the traditional banking and financing method. Mobile wallet is much more secure, and even banks are implementing this type of market by offering their customers with mobile payment option. The upcoming development is expected to go beyond the traditional debit and credit card methods as well.
  • Cloud computing has improved the approach of how information is stored. Thanks to the ever increasing demand for data storage space, cloud-based storage applications become more and more capacious over time. The trend today is that business are slowly adopting the cloud-based storage for an effective and cost-efficient solution of doing business operations. Security matters are continuously being ironed out as well to give provide safety data storage and peace of mind to end users.
  • App stores offer more business apps. App stores for different operating systems are offering more and more products not only for individuals but for businesses as well. Many small and medium enterprises are not only purchasing applications that will help streamline their business operations, but also modify them to suit their every need. Customisation assists a business’ sales since one of its functions is to combine coupons and promos.
  • More consumer-based information. Consumer information is the main factor that helps create effective products and services. Consumer information, such as user’s gender, age, location, preferences, etc., are all considered to help businesses provide a context aware products and services.
  • User interfaces are upgraded. Advances in mobile technology interfaces have paved way to a lot of better opportunities to explore many alternatives of user interfaces. Consumer-based user interface options, like gestures, voice, Kinect, and touch, are still continuously being improved in order to maximise the potential of mobile technology.
  • Better and more accurate biometric integration. According to researches, a total of 40% of smartphone users want their devices to record their physical activities, and majority of them believe that biometric technology is the key to this integration. This technology could include public transport, healthcare, work place attendance, etc.

Some more reasons for implementation of this technological advancement are:

  • Growing exasperation over remembering passwords.
  • Growing awareness for physical fitness.
  • Growing need to efficiently manage time.
  • More effective ways to secure crucial and confidential information.

Despite all the interest and excitement spawned because of these attention-grabbing software applications, businesses may find it somehow difficult to pick the right product for their needs. Programmers and developers are constantly looking for ways to successfully render business mobile software with needed improvement. Hence, programmers are engrossed on creating more intuitive and interactive applications by taking advantage of advanced mobile hardware capabilities.

Bear in mind, though, that mobile development trends do come and go. This is the inevitable truth generated from the technological innovations. Trends may be short- or long-lived, but users are still able to benefit from these application trends. It is because the bottom line in finding the ultimate mobile development method is the functions it serves for the users.

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