Mobile friendly Taleo

Smarter companies get smarter candidates with the new, mobile-optimised Taleo career portal.

With more and more people now connecting online through smartphones, there is a genuine requirement for a professional, engaging and efficient mobile recruitment application solution.  In today’s dynamic, fast moving, digital world, candidates should be able to easily apply for jobs on a mobile phone.

A third of applications are lost

Candidates are using their mobile devices more than ever today.  According to our recently completed research, conducted over a 6 month period and totalling nearly 12,000 candidate applications, more than 20% of all internet access to the career portal comes from mobile devices. Sadly, the average drop-off rate for this type of applicant is very high, averaging around 30%. This means one in three candidates decides not to complete a job application due to the inconvenient process and poor user experience on mobile device.

Mobile friendly solution for Taleo

The powerful Taleo ATS (Applicant Tracking System) tool does offer online application, but unfortunately no mobile solution was available. Our challenge was to create a seamless, user-friendly way for potential hires to apply online using handheld devices like smartphones or tablets.

We have evaluated the pros and cons of a mobile app versus a mobile version of the website, and quickly determined a mobile site was the right solution. It reduces the maintenance and revisions needed as mobile devices and operating systems change so rapidly, and ensures the user experience is good, regardless of the type of device they use.


The career portal accessed via the mobile device browser will be optimised and displayed correctly on the small screen of the smartphones. Your candidates will experience a mobile-optimised page fitted properly to their mobile device. Career section will be optimised for viewing on smartphones and tablets.


Your job descriptions will be easily readable by the prospective candidates without modifying your current job descriptions on the desktop version of the page. Even embedded images and videos will be automatically adjusted and resized to fit the resolution of the smartphone or tablet.


Candidates will be able to apply immediately, while on the move. No more waiting to get to a laptop or desktop computer. Application forms will be adjusted to display all the information correctly whatever the device. You can capture exactly the same set of candidate data as you would via a browser on the PC. It is even possible for candidates to apply using their own LinkedIn profiles.


We implement industry best design practices to ensure your mobile career section is optimised and delivers a professional and efficient job application experience to all candidates.  We do not interfere with your existing candidate selection process; the solution seamlessly integrates with the native Taleo forms and Career Sections.


A mobile-optimised career portal for your existing Taleo Enterprise Edition system can be designed and implemented in as little as a week. We can replicate your corporate identity, so candidates have the same great experience as visiting your desktop website. No expensive Oracle consulting or support is required.


Your candidates will appreciate the extra effort in building a mobile career solution and heighten their view of the organisation and its relevance in today’s world.   This solution will give them the opportunity to apply easily and effortlessly, leading to a higher number of quality candidate cover letters and CVs.

Do you want to engage new candidates via mobile portal?


Frequently asked questions

What Taleo products are supported?

We can design and implement  a mobile-optimised career portal for Taleo Enterprise Edition (TEE) with the configuration option to add a career section (12A and up). If you are running an older version of the Taleo system, please contact us and we will be able to provide a workaround.

Will I get the branding file?

Yes. You will receive the branding file ( along with the complete documentation.

Do I need to modify our existing application flow?

No. We will duplicate your existing application flow for the candidates. Modifications will be done to the cloned copy featuring mobile-optimised application forms. Underlying processes remains intact.

How long does it take to implement a mobile optimised career site?

This can be accomplished in as little as a week. This timeline can be impacted by UAT cycles and customer availability.

Can you work with our existing 3rd parties such as design studios and partners?

Absolutely. If you have a preferred vendor who successfully takes care of your branding we are happy to collaborate, so you the customer, get only the best results.

Prices start from as low as £1999