Apps for Mobile Devices

We live mobile, we think mobile and we build mobile. All the effort we make is for these simple reasons: so you can feel special, feel productive, feel entertained and enjoy whole world at your fingertips. And because we believe the future is in your pocket we make awesome mobile applications.

Mobile-optimised Taleo

Considering the fact that more and more users connect only through mobile, companies need a mobile solution for recruiting, enabling candidates to apply for jobs on a phone. The powerful Taleo Enterprise Edition (ATS) tool provides companies’ online applications, but no mobile solution was available.  Until now!

App marketing and search optimisation

It’s very easy for a great mobile application to die unnoticed in the AppStore and Google Play. In order to get noticed specific app marketing and app store optimisation techniques must be applied. This is where we really shine and we can help your app to skyrocket downloads.

Our Services

  • iOS and Android applications for smartphones
  • iOS and Android applications for tablets
  • Hybrid applications for smartphones and tablets
  • Websites optimised for mobile devices
  • Mobile application performance analytics
  • Taleo e-recruitment system on mobile devices

iPhone/Android Apps

iPhone/Android Apps

For any person or corporation that has the need to go mobile, iPhone and Android app development will give an exquisite return on what you invest in and a forum to reach out to a worldwide audience.

Tablet Apps

Tablet Apps

The iPad and other tablets have had such a powerful influence on the way we live out our daily lives, and has made such a great difference to the face of mobile web browsing and the way we manage and absorb data.

Hybrid Apps

Hybrid Apps

Hybrid mobile apps offer a good selection of advantages over native apps, and though they face some design, development and deployment challenges, they are a powerful, scalable and affordable cross-platform solution.

Mobile-optimised Web

Mobile-optimised Web

Mobile optimised websites greatly facilitate business decision making, and improve many aspects of how business is done today.

Analytics & ASO

Analytics & ASO

Good mobile app itself does not guarantee success. We take care of the App Store Optimisation, application’s analytics and performance metrics, to ensure that app is easy to find and download.

Our Process at the Glance

Consultation and Scoping

At the beginning of the process we will accumulate as much information as we can, about what you would like and carry out the best plan/solution to meet your requirements. Once we have found out what your system application embodies and how it functions, we will use this functionality to seek out the development needs and timeframe as concisely as we can.


Your aspirations will be realised within a fortnight!!

This will showcase all the capabilities of the app. We must do this to show that we have a thorough understanding of what you desire, so that we can adapt it in the prototype stage and not at the end of the process saving valuable time and energy.

Designing the App

At this stage you will be able to visualise the complete screen design of your app! If you have any ideas for a design, we will be delighted to present this to you in a way that you never thought possible.

Neat and tidy or just hip and happening, we have bespoke designers to give you exactly what you want.

Application Development

Now for the complicated part!

Our development gurus’ then get stuck in on coding the app to make it run smoothly. Our guys live and breathe for this, so your app is in the most competent, capable hands. At this point there is not much to look at, nevertheless we will keep you constantly updated.

Thorough Testing

Your dream comes to life on your phone or tablet!! At this time as you are hooked on your new app on your device, we will attempt to smash it up, but fear not – we are trying to iron out the little creases before we present it on the world stage!

We use TestFlight, an over-the-air distribution tool, so that we can submit builds to you as we progress. All you have to do is register your phone and make sure you install the most up to date build of the app when we give it to you. This will let you run the app just as though you have downloaded it straight from the Apple’s AppStore or Google Play.

Off to the Public!

All of this is done for you! Once the development stage is finalised and you have signed off on the end build, we will handle the process of submitting your app to the Apple’s AppStore and/or Google Play store on your behalf. Or, you may wish your app to be put on your company’s own app store, alternatively distribute in a totally different way. We have an enormous amount of experience with the different types of distribution procedures you think you might want to use, and we can easily bring about literally any requirements you choose to utilise.

We can happily provide you with guidance on the imagery, details and those key words to ensure that your app is visible and easy to locate on all the store shelves around the globe in the planets largest outlets.

Does this sound simple? Well, we’ll make your whole app experience with us as seamless and straightforward as we possibly can.

Post-Project Support

When comparing other organisations who supply a 30 day post submission support timeframe, we go the extra mile, and we are certain about the quality of the final product and can provide you with a full 365 day free support with regard to bug fixing. So, if you happen to come across any glitches within that 12 month period, we will gladly repair and re-send the application to the most appropriate app store(s), absolutely free!!

Please remember, you are not alone we will be here at any time to help you with any queries, and with any updates your app may need both now and in the future.