Marek Polak


I position myself as an entrepreneur, although some call it appreneur. Confidently operating within the mobile applications arena.

I have a very strong desire to detach users from their desktop computers. As an alternative, I provide the opportunities for everyone to be productive, entertained and free by offering applications and services optimised and suited for the mobile devices like smartphones and tablets.
I am also a strong advocate for the great design and pleasant user experiences. These come from my natural sense of aesthetic and common sense.

After spending a decade working within large, global corporations I have decided to take the steer in my own hands and drive my professional life myself. This is how my own company Code Effective came to live with a mission to make peoples’ lives easier. My technical background complimented by extraordinary leadership skills and dedicated team of very talented personnel helps Code Effective to grow at an exponential rate and deliver mobile solutions to the individual consumers as well as other businesses.

I value people, I believe in people and I want to dedicate my energy and vision to the people. By offering compelling, first class mobile applications I want to give a freedom, a feel of speciality and something useful to the public.